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VA STUDIO Design & Build


aims to provide tasteful design solutions to your dream dwellings.



Latest Completed Project


1. Preliminary Communication 

2. Layout Planning 

3. Budget Estimation 

Understand requirement of client and condition of house unit
Introduce the whole flow for renovation progress
Explanation of fees and payment terms

Prepare prelim of layout plan based on client's requirement
Discuss design style
In depth discussion and confirmation of layout plan 

Budget for entire design will be produced based on confirmed layout planning
To confirm final layout planning and propose usage of materials and design outlook

4. 3D Perspective Drawing 3D 

5. Construction Quotation 

6. Completion and Handling

Discussion on design details
Confirmation of usage of material
Present 3D drawings for visualization for space planning design

Proposal of construction drawing
To confirm construction quotation based out layout plan and construction work
Progressive payment collection based on progression of construction

Collection last payment during completion
Warranty up to 6 months after defects check
Provide free consultation services

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