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VA STUDIO is a design and build practice based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The designer-led practice aims to be your one-stop center and provide an all-rounder service by integrating the design process and construction procedures seamlessly. 

The practice has pioneered a creative and elegant approach to design through a myriad of works ranging from commercial shop lots to private houses. 


We understands that everyone is busy and wish to have their dream home and business place to be fully set up in the shortest possible time with reasonable price.

So here's how we can help.

Our Teams 

Interior Designers

Site Supervisors
Skilled Site Workers


Our Partners

Submitting Architects 
Structural Engineer

Our Workshops

Carpentry Workshop (Shah Alam)

How can we help to complete your dream dwellings
in the shortest possible time at a reasonable price?


The design & build procurement is unlike the conventional design - consultation procurement.

We integrate both the design process and construction stages as closely as possible, by overlapping timeline and provide solution in design, buildability, and the end-user maintenance perspective.

Our team of designers, skills workers, and workshops operates all together to help deliver your dream house & business place in the shortest possible time frame.



We design, to build

We have our very own in-house skilled workers and craftsman, as well as our very own manufacturing workshops. 

We can ensure that materials and built qualities will not be compromise in regards to cost as the manufacturing and on-site matters are within our supervision. 


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